Nature, rabbit n leech

May 4, 2019

On wet floor of a forest, there was a leech waiting for a prey to suck on it. The leech has been starved for a day and desperately need to feed, if nothing comes, it will suck itself at dinner. Crossing its finger, decided to wait for an hour more.

Eventually, a rabbit arrive, jumping and singing at red dusk. The leech was jumping and singing with rabbit that was just few meters away from it.

When the rabbit was near, leech asks” Rabbit O rabbit, Shall I drink small portion of your blood, I have been starving from days, I will just sip to survive.

The rabbit being a soft hearted, recalled his winter days spent in starvation and decided to let him drink just few seconds that would let the leech survive.

Rabbit replied, oh poor leech, I will let you to suck few drops to survive only. Simultaneously, as leech started to feed on rabbit, it grew bigger n bigger.

Leech you have grown big, it must be enough let me go, I need to reach home before dusk.

Leech didn’t listen and was drinking it’s day, after many appeals. Rabbit was instantly started regretting, as he couldn’t leave nor he could stay.

He had tried to get away but he couldn’t. He thought, the greedy leach will eventually leave him when he will have enough and waited there. The dusk turned to night, blue lights around. Leech was happy and thought if this rabbit will be around, I don’t have to starve like today. Leech jump of and said thank you dear rabbit, you are a nice person, so nice to me.

Rabbit just nodded. Cunning leech said, I am new here and I don’t have home here, don’t know where to go, the night is getting colder.

Rabbit bring empathetic instantly said come home with me for tonight, tomorrow you can build your home.

Smirking inside, leech promptly climbed on the rabbit. Together they went home. Later that night, when rabbit was asleep leech started quietly sucking the blood again.

The next morning before rabbit wakes up, leech climbs down and pretended to asleep. Later that day the leech was building his house on a tree just above rabbit’s burrow and Rabbit was happy to see the tiny leech’s efforts on making a house and to have a friend and neighbor as, rabbit was living alone since a year.

For a week, leech was not around and didn’t fed on rabbit, Rabbit thought leech being truthful instantly put his faith on leech’s story of starvation.

Next week he saw leech equally big and happy, passing hello to rabbit.

Oh! I have gained enough of trust of this stupid rabbit, no more hard working days to hunt for prey. After this week, I will suck this dumbo while he is asleep. My happy days are nearer.

Every morning rabbit saw happy and fat leech singing and dancing on tree far from him and didn’t notice marks on his own body.

Years passes by, the rabbit and leech have became besties but ignorant rabbit unaware of reality, indulge himself in deeper friendship.

One night, rabbit had a nightmare and suddenly woke up with jerk while leech sucked his blood. The movement gave leech thrill, making it to jump on the ground and rushing towards the tree. Rabbit spotted the bloody leech escaping that awakens him from the illusion he had for years about their friendship. Being spotted, the leech came up with excuses to explain, rabbit goes through sequence of memories of each excuses leech had told rabbit that black buffalo feeding every day on the grass field behind the tree. All the lies, the sense of betrayal revolved in rabbits head.

Rabbit realized his mistake to be friend with leech. Rabbit can never be friend with leech, leech’s year long food perception of rabbit must not been ignored.

Rabbit being soft hearted, remembered the good time spent with leech and is in dilemma of morality and friendship.

Rabbit ignored the fact that leech constantly sucks him every night and stays with leech after that night.

Rabbit always had sense of betrayal on his mind and constantly battles that emotion and tried to be nice and smiles to the leech.

Leech being cunning has no guilt and never stopped feeding on rabbit.

Rabbit lived in a hope, one day he will be rescued and will be happy as before leech came to his life. That day has become myth for him and leech on other-side lived his life at fullest with no guilt and worries, because he has done no fault, he feeds blood that’s what he is doing and it’s totally natural.


Learning from Kathmandu valley

July 14, 2018

Lately, the social media in Nepal is flooded with Kathmandu flood news, status and jokes about it. 24 hour of rain has resulted in flood in mainly areas of Kathmandu valley.

The witticism about how Mr. Prime Minister Oli have fulfilled his vision for ships for Nepalese that is built in Nepal, where we are sailing with our flags on it are all over social media.

The rescue team is still helping the people who are stuck in flood in flooded areas within valley. The newly made infrastructure such as bridge in Bhaktapur is in verge to collapse due to the continuous water flow.

If it rains for seven days and nights as it used to before, almost many areas in valley will face the flood, the joke of social media will come true , “Kathmandu becoming a Venice ”

As we know Kathmandu is a valley, which was regarded as most appropriate place for agriculture. We have seen all the traditional settlement in Kathmandu had been flourished in higher lands within in The Valley. It is not only omnipresent in Kathmandu but in whole Hilly region. There was a reason to it, and that reason was our climate. Precisely, it was due to rain and river.

As a growing kid, I have a clear memories of massive rain during monsoon season, it even lasted for several days. The two months Asar and shrawan [June & July ] would get most rainfall. Raining for such long duration was supporting our agricultural lifestyle in those days. Due to agricultural land and massive rain our ancestors have settled on hill tops or highlands.

Nowadays, Farmers no more rely on rainfall, they have to ensure water from reservoirs for irrigation. Kathmandu valley doesn’t get enough rainfall due to global warming and climate change. Due to rapid globalization , opportunities, education and health facilities, hundred thousands of people have moved within Kathmandu. Due to the shortage of houses and land in core areas, people outside of valley have bought those lowland [agricultural land ].

The exponential growth of population was witnessed when Maoist declared war. Kathmandu was over-flooded with people who want to escape from Maoist.

The land value rose, the farmers were satisfied with fortune they can have by selling small portion of land. With no policies and law to stop haphazard urban growth, transforming every bit of agricultural land to concrete jungle without proper access. At that point, the land plotters liquidate every corners of valley.

As government failed to make a detailed master plan of Kathmandu valley, the random growth of Kathmandu valley became inevitable. Government even failed to make some basic policies for Kathmandu valley.

With no proper drain system , concrete jungles all over, even small creek was covered to build houses, there is no access to water to pass. Rain has become a problem today, other natural phenomena as earthquake was an issue of yesterday. Man made problems exists alongside natural ones such as unplanned transport system, pollution, waste, polluted river, lack of greenery ..e.t.c.

Now, we are here in a time where we can’t do much to change our situation. We are near to saturation.

Only way the government can solve Kathmanduities problem by forming professionals committee to develop master plan of Kathmandu valley for 100 years. The masterplan shall not only focus on current problems but shall backbone for problems that might arise in future. If government are unable to form such committee then they shall organize an international competition “Kathmandu 2090”.

Lastly, this problem has not only faced by Kathmandu valley, as we have similar landscape in hilly zone of Nepal. We are facing similar problems all across Nepal. We already witnessed the flood in Bhotekoshi. We live in a country where there are many lakes in higher altitudes which can form in a night and break in a night. Thus, we have to learn from drastic threats we have faced as well as from the mistakes we have done in Kathmandu valley and start to plan our bright future cities.


In captivation life long

April 13, 2018

“The traffic jam ” , exhausted me, ” Uff, it’s 10:25 a.m.,” Tuning Radio F.M 94.30, and turning it loud, I looked out of the side window to estimate the duration of jam but nothing was visible besides motorbikes. It has been 20 minutes in the jam starting from Sanepa till the forefront of Kalo pul bridge.

As I gazed into the blue sky, it was a beautiful day and a clear sky that gave me a sense of the month Baisakh [April/May]. I realized , it was new year eve. I checked out again from the window just to see the elephant stomping towards on the opposite lane, carrying bunch of pipal branches full of leaves.

I had a flashback swiftly, finding myself in Bardia. I was leaving Bardia that evening to Kathmandu, it was early morning when I headed to Bardia National park just to know that there were no jungle safari less than 5 hours. After some queries and cooperation with National park authorities, they provide me one of the elephant caretaker who was serving his last day there to take me on a short jungle safari of two hour tour. But, I have to wait for an hour for it, I went with the caretaker where the elephant was resting. I was standing very far from the elephant that was chained in legs, he looked sad. The caretaker fed the elephant a meal in huge bucket, meanwhile he went to have his morning dal bhat [rice and lintel soup].

While sitting on a green grass, under a huge tree, I had a flashback then to my childhood days, it was our family day out in a zoo. While watching Hippopotamus, suddenly I saw an elephant was stomping towards me, very close to my sight. I was afraid solely of it’s size and with it’s fierce stomp. Other visitors has surrounded the elephant and they used analogue camera to take the pictures with the elephant. My mom and dad asked me if I would like to take one but I was really scared with the elephant. We were in the area where the elephant ride starts at zoo. Dad and mom both asked me if I want to ride it, I said no. While my brother climbed up on the elephant, I looked at elephant eyes. I saw a thick line of tears rolled three inches below the eye. I couldn’t understand, somehow I felt sad and felt like never to ride an elephant.

As the caretaker signaled me to get ready for the safari, my inner sadness surfaced, flashing me a memory of the thick tears,” I never want to ride an elephant. ”

As I climb up on the elephant, I tried to be light that was just my thought. It was a strange connection of me with an elephant. I felt it’s hard skin and prickly hair on my legs. As I settle down with fear, the elephant raised up slowly and began to walk towards the jungle as directed by the caretaker.

We slowly went into the jungle, I began to look around to spot some wild animals and birds. I enjoyed the jungle as well as ride with different birds chirping around mixed with the sounds produced by insects while eating the leaves. It was a green forest with beautiful birds, and animals, which I couldn’t spot at all. It was my first time on such a dense jungle and I always loved trees as a child.

We crossed a big river, where we saw some tourists on their jungle walk safari, others were in Jungle Jeep Safari. The elephant headed deeper in the forest, as on the journey the elephant has stopped and began to eat his favorite leaves several times. Annoyed caretakers poked it’s ear as it stopped and the animal started to walk again after the pain. I requested the caretaker not to hurt the animal, he explained, without hurting animals, he wouldn’t be able to control it, that’s how every caretaker does. We moved further while listening to the caretaker’s stories, and he even explained that how he will save tourists life if they will encounter wild elephant attack.

Many times the elephant has stopped to eat leaves, after being poked in ear. Despite the pain, the elephant enjoyed his temporary freedom in jungle walk and has stopped to eat different leaves, but the ruthless caretaker got outraged as he picked up his Haisya and slammed it on elephant’s head, I could see an inch deep and three inch wide flesh on its head. I agonized in pain inside.

I immediately regretted for the ride and asked the caretaker to return back, I didn’t want to continue the Safari. Why did you hurt him so bad?, I asked. He didn’t answer, I requested him to get back without hurting him.

I desperately wanted to be back at soonest. It was normal for an elephant to eat leaves from where he likes, Nor elephant misbehaved in uncontrollable manner for such brutality, poor animal with agonizing pain but no cry.

If I haven’t come for this safari, he wouldn’t have that wound on him. I was sorry.

With all regrets and pain, it felt like it took ages to get back . As soon as possible, I climbed down the elephant and stand by the tree to see his thick tears. With so much pain I stand there, while the caretaker chained him again, a life in captivation. I stand there for more minutes but I was unable to do anything for him. He has suffered so much in captivation.

I saw the elephant trying to run wild on road but the caretaker poked his ear to make the elephant to walk slow. As the elephant slowly passes by I noticed the thick line of tear. It was the same old elephant of zoo. It has been two decades, a wildLife in captivation for lifelong.

I will never ride an elephant.


Enhancing Creativity

August 9, 2017

It has been many years, I have been dormant in the writing area. In these past years, I did have many ideas, which I have escape though by procrastinating in yin part of my brain. I have been procrastinating as much as if -my life has been living in procrastination only. All those past months and years, I fall victim to my own thoughts, overthinking and procrastination.

Few weeks back, when I got back from the pipe dream “Europe tour”, I realized the fact there is nothing satisfactory in materialistic world. I still was longing for inner peace. I did have inner peace but was craving for something that I have forgotten in my life. I have been traveling all around, living a very fulfilling life, working as in my expectations. There are people who envy my lifestyle, sometimes. There is nothing I lack. But there is great amount of emptiness in me, “something missing”.

In one such a blue evening, I thought about getting back to these YouTube meditation session for regenerating my soul. It was not that I was not meditating all those years, but I was very irregular with it. For my restless nature, what else would be fruitful more than those musical sessions. Its been more than weeks, I have continuing my musical meditations energizing my soul, enhancing my creativity.

I have known these days, what I was missing in my life, it was pure form of creativity. I was craving deep down for creativity. As we human evolved by enhancing our brain, sharping it each moment, but these years I have let it down by procrastinating and relaxing. Though I updated myself with piles of information but there was something more to it. I have taken with me all the knowledge, information with me but I left my creative side down in the pathway.

Peace of mind and relaxation is not enough for healthy living .I have craved for challenges and creativity. Power of creativity is most fulfilling ego drink, that’s why it is very alluring drug ever.

It is very simple, humans are very dynamic creature, their desires , demands are changing every moment. To maintain our inner energy there are various ways to turn our energy or channeling them in positive direction. Some do exercise, others perform yoga, or sports and some do meditations.

It took me, so many years to get out of my procrastinating living and finally feeling same as the very old days when I was enjoying my each moment being creative.



Manjari movie

May 16, 2016

Just watched Nepalese movie manjari today. Nice movie to watch. Though some of the conversations are unusual but at the end, the story does resembles Nepalese scenario and society in different level. Never wrote about the movie. I do recommend people to watch it. 


Condemnation of emotional valediction 

December 21, 2015

From living monuments to living with vulnerable monuments KATHMANDU

September 11, 2015


Kathmandu Durbar Square 





UNESCO monument, Kathmandu Durbar Square declared as living monuments has been one of the major public spaces as well as magnet to tourists for its splendid work. Even these monuments were built in regime of Malla dynasty, Nepalese people have been using these monuments for more than centuries because the monuments of Nepal are directly related to Nepalese culture. 

After massive earthquake in April 2015, also referred as Gorkha earthquake, these monuments have been severely damaged. Some of the Temples, Palaces, and Pati of all three Durbar square collapsed. Remaining monuments are still standing but are extremely vulnerable due to the structures have been displaced. 

Not only monuments but the Malla style houses /Newari houses have faced the catastrophic earthquake in April 2015. Kathmandu Durbar square surrounded by small open spaces and with dense Newari settlements with small alleys were heavely mutilated. Some of alleys there are as small as 4m -1m. Walking through these alleys makes it a massive long petrifying path when the series of scaffolding attached to each houses across the alleys are prominently visible, and the obvious manifestation of earthquake absurdities threatens. 

The scenario of people living under these distorted house is spine chilling, it seems it’s the only recourse to people. “Do not enter, restricted area” these boards stands there in front of each monuments as another monument. Eventually these situations has turned a living monument to living with vulnerable monuments for Kathmanduities.